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About me

Native teacher experienced in the Spanish language

I am Adriana, the founder of www.españ – an online spanish academy from Bogotá, the capital of Colombia. I am a native Spanish language teacher passionate about teaching Spanish and have a lot of teaching experience.

Español vivo has three subjects: To optimize the online learning of Spanish by using tools that the digital age offers us, to reinvent the methods to access the Spanish more comprehensively and to complete the perceptions of learning Spanish by making it an integral and meaninful way.

My goal is that you find interest and passion for learning and speaking Spanish. You learn online with a native speacher, that promotes integral social interaction and does not only teach but also is a friend. I am here for you to solve your learning challenges and doubts and am available for you to reach your goals and so that you are successful both in the academic field and in the labor market.


Where you will practicing conversation, pronounciation, grammar, vocabulary, culture, writing, etc.

You can log-in from any Skype capable device (Computer, tablet, smart-phone).

Your lessons – according to your time availability and the frequency you require.

The Spanish lessons are private and customized for your needs (intermediate B1-B2 and advanced C1-C2).


The plans let you learn comfortably from your home, office, university or library. In this way you can strengthen the communicative skills through a combination of Skype talk time and online job review.
I also prepare for the DELE exams: B1, B2 and C1 with materials that ensure your development and learning.


Jaemin Shin (Seoul, South Korea)

I first learned with Mrs. Adriana five years ago and I have been studying for two years with her. She helped me with my problems to learn the Spanish language. For the curriculum I asked about the areas that I was interested in and then we made a schedule. The news articles she selected were Latin American political and economic articles, which gave me knowledge about the Spanish language and culture. She has a good sense of responsibility and fixed my mistakes very meticulously. She helped me to improve my Spanish conversation and writing skills by inducing me to speak well.
I recommend it!

Seongah Kim (Daegu, South Korea)

I have been learning with Adriana for once a week for already the fifth year in a row now. Prior to Adriana, I also had a small class with two Colombian native speakers and one Peruvian via Skype. Mrs. Adriana understands the student needs and shows big interest for him/her. She prepares every lesson thoroughly and proceeds in a structured way. She will send you a six-month class schedule and give feedback on the lessons that you have learned every six months. She always leads to a bright, passionate attitude during the class and makes sure that you are comfortable with your conversation. For wrong parts of the conversation, she will repeat it with the correct sentence. By Adriana’s class materials I learned about culture, food, and arts – not only from Colombia but also from other countries in South America. I also do my homework to know more about Korea, short films, feature films, diverse series, documentary films and more. The fact that I have been with Adriana for five years has made Adriana a great Spanish teacher. I strongly recommended her classes.

Nam Jimin (Seoul, South Korea)

Hello, I am Nam Ji Min, who is having a class with Mrs. Adriana in Seoul. 🙂
Before I started with Adriana, I had a video conversation Spanish lesson from other native teachers. Among the teachers I have been with, I think that Adriana is the most enthusiastic and the best teacher who is always working hard all the time.

First of all, I was worried that I could be bored and boring for one hour to learn via Skype. But then, I was always worried about preparing for lessons and that the amount of time in the class would be enough. There is no time to be bored. 🙂

I also studied Spanish for two years and I wanted to improve my Spanish vocabulary while studying articles in a wider range of fields, so I took the DELE B2 course last year. I always prepared before the next class, and I was going to the class with asking necessary vocabularies for the article and we discussed the content together. I am sure you will be satisfied with Mrs. Adriana’s class. According to your level she will ask you which direction you want and will proceed accordingly.

Oh, and I heard that sometimes in Colombia the quality of voice calls can be bad because of internet connection problems, but I have not been in such a situation with my teacher until now. 🙂 Do not worry for that.

Her cultural lessons are really good for someone who is interested in this part – it is very good to learn pronunciation and to learn about Latin American culture and society. 🙂

I will continue to study with you, Adriana.

Katia Park (Missouri, United States of America)

I have been taking Adriana’s class for over 6 years now. She is the best teacher I have ever had, not only because of her pedagogy, but also because of her personality. I started taking this course to improve my Spanish speaking skills. At that time, I could not articulate my thoughts well even in just one sentence. After years of taking her class, I have vastly improved my Spanish communication skills. Her interactive teaching method has made become fluent in speaking Spanish, and her extensive and accurate knowledge of the different elements of the language has helped me gain proficiency in Spanish academic writing. Last but not least, she is a very attentive and responsible person. She uses a variety of resources to foster an ambience that encourages communication in class. Also, she customizes her materials based on what the student wants. She is a talented and motivated teacher who supports you in language acquisition and eases your foreign language anxiety. I highly recommend her for your Spanish lessons. She is a talented and motivated teacher!